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3 octave YV2600

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Price: $3,600.00
Condition: Like New
Location: MI, USA
Description: 3 octave F-F Yamaha YV2600 studio vibraphone from the late 1990's. Silver matte finished bars tuned to A=442. Minor cosmetic flaws, including paint wear on pedal, and some damage to bottom resonator from transport, but in top performing condition. Variable speed motor with touch on/off feature. Studio kept instrument, height adjustable frame, large castors for transport ease, variable speed motor. One owner.

Help Tip: Condition
Restored: Restored to original condition
Reconditioned: Reconditioned cosmetics, in top functional condition
New: Factory instrument
Like New: Like new condition
Excellent: Minor cosmetic blemishes, in top functional condition
Very Good: Shows some age, in top functional condition
Good: Shows more wear, in top functional condition
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