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Vintage & Used Timpani

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  Product Price Location Sold

Pair of Ludwig Machine Timpani $800.00 AZ, USA SOLD!

23" Ludwig Professional Timpani $2,200.00 MI, USA

Piccolo Goodman Chain Timpano $2,900.00 NC, USA

31" Guthrie Chain Timpano $3,200.00 MO, USA

Pair of Guthrie Chain Timpani (26", 29") $6,200.00 MO, USA SOLD!

Set of 4 Adams Fiberglass Revolution $6,499.00 MO, USA

Pair of Walter Light Mark XI's $10,000.00 MD, USA

Set of 4 Adams Sym. Gen II $10,899.00 FI, I

Set of 4 Adams Pro. GEN I $11,500.00 MO, USA

Yamaha 7200 HH Timpani $12,000.00 CA, USA

Set of 4 Adams Pro. GEN II $13,500.00 M0, USA

Set of 4 Walter Light Mark XI Timpani $26,000.00 CO, USA

Set of 4 GŁnter Ringer Timpani $30,000.00 MI, USA

Set of 5 GŁnter Ringers w/cases $34,500.00 OH, USA

Set of 4 Adams Timpani $36,000.00 MO, USA

Set of 4 Adams Schnellar with cases $45,000.00 MO, USA

Set of 4 Hardtke w/cases $45,000.00 STO, S

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