"Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophones

The "Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophone has been designed with the object in view of producing a Xylophone, which would have all the advantages of the regular "Deagan Professional" Xylophone, as to tone quality and at the same time have an instrument of such size and weight that it could easily be transported about by hand.

With this object in view the "Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophone has been perfected and is today without doubt the finest little Xylophone on the market for the jobbing Drummer.

The resonators are made of extra light tubing and are designed that when packed they fit in between the frames, thereby not only protecting the resonators, but greatly decreasing the amount of space taken up by the instrument when packed.

All the material from which the "Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophones are made is entirely special and used only on this type of instrument, and it combines the greatest of strength with the least of weight.

"Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophones are made of the very choicest Nagaed wood, and so far as tone, tuning, carrying power, and workmanship are concerned, these instruments are unsurpassed.

"Deagan Drummer's Special" Xylophones can be had either with or without carrying case, the cases being listed separate, and orders will be filled for the Xylophone only, unless case is specified with the order.

"Deagan Drummer's Special" Nagaed Xylophones With Resonators Mounted on Floor Racks

Source: Deagan Catalog E

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
7422.5 F-C1 1/4x7/8High Pitch
Xylo8422.5 F-C1 1/4x7/8Low Pitch
Xylo7432.5 C-G1 1/4x7/8High Pitch
Xylo8432.5 C-G1 1/4x7/8Low Pitch
Xylo7443 C-C1 1/4x7/8High Pitch
Xylo8443 C-C1 1/4x7/8Low Pitch
Xylo7463.5 F-C1 1/4x7/8High Pitch
Xylo8463.5 F-C1 1/4x7/8Low Pitch