"Deagan Special" Orchestra Bells - Flat Top Bells

The general description of Deagan Standard Orchestra Bells will describe Deagan Special Orchestra Bells in every way, the only difference between the Special Bells and the Standard Bells being that the steel from which Deagan Special Bells are made is not quite so fine in quality.

Deagan Special Orchestra Bells are mounted in the same cases as the more expensive Deagan bells, and are just as finely made, and are as perfect in tune, and for general use we guarantee them to be perfect in every respect.

"Deagan Special" Orchestra Bells "Flat Top Bells" Mounted in folding cases

Source: Deagan Catalog D

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
Bells1425Flat Top2 C-C7/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1525Flat Top2 C-C7/8x3/8Low Pitch
Bells1426Flat Top2.5 G-C7/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1526Flat Top2.5 G-C7/8x3/8Low Pitch
Bells1427Flat Top2 C-C1x3/8 High Pitch
Bells1527Flat Top2 C-C1x3/8 Low Pitch
Bells1428Flat Top2.5 G-C1x3/8 High Pitch
Bells1528Flat Top2.5 G-C1x3/8 1910-20Low Pitch
Bells1429Flat Top2 C-C1 1/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1529Flat Top2 C-C1 1/8x3/8Low Pitch
Bells1430Flat Top2.5 G-C1 1/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1530Flat Top2.5 G-C1 1/8x3/81910-16Low Pitch
Bells1431Flat Top2 C-C1 1/4x3/8High Pitch
Bells1531Flat Top2 C-C1 1/4x3/81910-20Low Pitch
Bells1432Flat Top2.5 G-C1 1/4x3/8High Pitch
Bells1532Flat Top2.5 G-C1 1/4x3/81910-20Low Pitch