Century of Progress

The Century of Progress International Exposition was held in 1933-1934 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Chicago. Clair Omar Musser proposed that the Century of Progress Committee authorize the sponsorship of a 100-piece Marimba Symphony Orchestra for the exposition and designed a Special Super De Luxe "Century of Progress Model Marimba." The Deagan Company manufactured these instruments to Musser's specifications and a collection of marimbas that are unique in the history of the Deagan company were produced. The instrument's design reflected the trademark Art Deco style of the World's fair. Each instrument sported a plate bearing the player's name.

Century of Progress Xylophones

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
XylophoneCentury of Progress Artists' Special4 C-C
XylophoneCentury of Progress Artists' Special4.5 F-C