Deagan "Marimba-Xylophones"

Deagan Marimba-Xylophones are the result of a great many years of experimenting, and are as their name implies a combination of the Marimbaphone and Xylophone, and are the very latest improved and the finest toned instruments we have ever built, and same can be had in any range or scale up to and including six octaves chromatic.

Deagan Marimba-Xylophones are made of our famous Nagaed wood bars which are permanently mounted upon frames in connection with our patented resonators, the whole being mounted on a substantial steel tube floor rack.

The Marimba-Xylophone has the largest range of any instrument of the Marimba or Xylophone type and has a tone superior to that of an ordinary Marimba or of an ordinary Xylophone as any effect can be had on the Marimba-Xylophone from that of a piccolo Xylophone to that of a grand pipe organ and for those who desire nothing but the best, we cannot suggest a better instrument.

The Deagan Marimba-Xylophone is very much more powerful in tone than the regular Deagan Nagaed Marimbaphones and the tone is very much more flexible as well.

The tone on the lower register can be favorably compared with that of a tympany so far as volume of tone is concerned but is more musical in quality.

Deagan "Marimba-Xylophones" With Resonators Mounted on Floor Racks

Source: Deagan Catalog G

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
Marimba-Xylophone46042.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47042.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46063 C-C1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47063 C-C1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46083 F-F1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47083 F-F1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46103.5 F-C1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47103.5 F-C1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46123.5 C-G1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47123.5 C-G1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46144 C-C1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47144 C-C1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46164.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47164.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46203 F-F2x15/16High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47203 F-F2x15/16Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46223.5 F-C2x15/16High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47223.5 F-C2x15/16Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46244 C-C2x15/16High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47244 C-C2x15/16Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46264.5 C-F2x15/16High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47264.5 C-F2x15/16Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46285 F-F2x15/161914-24High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47285 F-F2x15/161914-24Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46285 G-G*2x15/161914-24High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47285 G-G*2x15/161914-24Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46305.5 F-C2x15/16High Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47305.5 F-C2x15/16Low Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone46326 E-EHigh Pitch
Marimba-Xylophone47326 E-ELow Pitch
* Deagan Catalog G indicates the range of Deagan models 4628 & 4728 marimba-xylophones as being 5 octaves G-G while the instrument in the catalog photo has an F-F range. The disparity is due to the original G-G range (1910-1914) and the subsequent F-F range (1914-1924).