Deagan Artists' Special

The 200 series Artists' Special Xylophones have for many years been the choice of stage artists and concert band soloists. The bars feature rounded edges and a distint sound unlike any of Deagan's other xylophones. Deagan Artists' Special Xylophones

Artists' Special

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
Xylo262Artists' Special3.5 F-C2x15/161920-29
Xylo264Artists' Special4 C-C2x15/161920-39
Xylo266Artists' Special4.5 F-C2x15/161920-39
Xylon/aCentury of Progress Artists' Special4.5 F-C2x15/161933
Xylo268Artists' Special5 C-C2x15/161920-22