Deagan Roundtop

Roundtop Orchestra Bells are the invention of J. C. Deagan, and are fully covered by letters patent in all leading countries of the world, owing to which patents Roundtop Bells are manufactured exclusively by J. C. Deagan.

Roundtop Orchestra Bells are the result of thirty-two years of experimenting, and are the acme of perfection in Musical and Mechanical Art, and for them we claim the following:

That they have the best tone of any Bell in the world, and are very much easier to play than Flat Top Bells, owing to the fact that the top being slightly convexed, the full tone of the Bell is produced whether the Bell is struck at an angle or struck squarely, while in Flat Top Bells it is necesary to strike th Bell absolutely square in order to produce the full rich tone of the Bell.

Owing to the peculiar shape of the Roundtop Orchestra Bell, all counter-harmonies or overtones are entirely eliminated, and when the Bell is struck nothing but the pure fundamental tone is heard.

Owing to the fact that the tops of the Roundtop Orchestra Bells are slightly convexed, there is no flat surface to reflect the light in the operator's eyes; a fault so common in Flat Top Bells.

As the underside of the Rountop Orchestra Bells are convexed, there is less surface of the Bells to come in contact with the supporting felt, thus leaving the Bell more free to vibrate, than is the case with Flat Top Bells, where a broad flat surface comes in contact with the supporting felt.

Roundtop Bells are highly polished, triple plated and highly burnished, making them absolutely rust proof, and very handsome in appearance, as well.

Owing to the rounded upper edges on the Roundtop Orchestra Bells, quick scales and passages can easily be played on them, the same as Xylophones, a thing impossible with Flat Top Bells.

In summing up the advantages Roundtop Bells have over Flat Top Bells, may be briefly stated as follows:

The Roundtop Orchestra Bells are easier to play. Have a better tone. Better appearance. Greater carrying power. Less Overtone. Better Bell than any other type of Bell manufactured today.

"Deagan Roundtop" Orchestra Bells "New Style Roundtop Bells" Mounted in folding cases

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
Bells1019Roundtop2 C-C7/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1119Roundtop2 C-C7/8x3/8Low Pitch
Bells1020Roundtop2.5 G-C7/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1120Roundtop2.5 G-C7/8x3/81910-29Low Pitch
Bells1021Roundtop3 C-C7/8x3/8High Pitch
Bells1121Roundtop3 C-C7/8x3/8Low Pitch
Bells1022Roundtop2 C-C1x7/16High Pitch
Bells1122Roundtop2 C-C1x7/16Low Pitch
Bells1023Roundtop2.5 G-C1x7/16High Pitch
Bells1123Roundtop2.5 G-C1x7/161910-29Low Pitch
Bells1024Roundtop3 C-C1x7/16High Pitch
Bells1124Roundtop3 C-C1x7/161910-22Low PitchCustom high D
Bells1028Roundtop2 C-C1 1/4x7/16High Pitch
Bells1228Roundtop2 C-C1 1/4x7/16Low Pitch
Bells1029Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/161910-20High Pitch
Bells1229Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/161910-29Low Pitch
Bells1030Roundtop3 C-C1 1/4x7/16High Pitch
Bells1230Roundtop3 C-C1 1/4x7/16Low Pitch
Bells1035Roundtop2 C-C1 1/2x1/2High Pitch
Bells1235Roundtop2 C-C1 1/2x1/2Low Pitch
Bells1036Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/2x1/2High Pitch
Bells1236Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/2x1/2Low Pitch
Bells1037Roundtop3 C-C1 1/2x1/2High Pitch
Bells1237Roundtop3 C-C1 1/2x1/2Low Pitch