Miscellaneous Deagan Xylophones

Deagan manufactured many various model xylophones including Xylorimbas which were a combination of both the Xylophone and Marimba. Below is a grouping of several of the various models Deagan manufactured including Xylorimbas, "Lite-Wate" and "Junior" Xylophones.

Miscellaneous Xylophones

InstrumentModel NumberNameOctave and RangeBar SizeDate BuiltTuningNo. of ChimesNotes
Xylo700Mid-Jit2.5 G-C1x1/21928-39Table Model
Xylo725Xylorimba3 F-F1 3/8x 1 1/4 x5/81928-39
Xylo730Xylorimba3 C-C1 3/4x 1 3/8 x3/41924-39
Xylo727Klyposerus2.6 C-A
Xylo800Deagan Junior2.5 G-C1 1/4x5/81919-42
Xylo801Deagan Junior3 C-C1 1/4x5/81919-40
Xylo830Master Lite-Wate3 C-C1 1/4x5/8Tilting device
Xylo833Deagan Standard3 C-C1 5/8x15/161910-18Tilting device
Xylo834Super Lite-Wate3 C-C1 1/4x5/81918-28Tilting device
Xylo836Super Lite-Wate2.5 F-C1 1/4x5/81923-26Tilting device
Xylo840Professional Drummers' Xylophone3 C-C1 1/4x3/41929-32Tilting device
Xylo860Special-33 C-C1 1/4x5/81964Bar case, no resonators
Xylo877Marching Xylophone2.5 F-C1977Klyperon synthetic bars
Xylo930Concert3.5 F-C1 5/8x15/161961-64Old style, dual keypads
Xylo932RConcert3.5 F-C1 1/2x15/161964Honduran Rosewood bars
Xylo932KConcert3.5 F-C1 1/2x15/161972Kelon Synthetic bars
XyloX-32Concert3 C-C1971-77Slingerland-like 932R
XyloX-60Piccolo1971-77Slingerland-like 860