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Bergerault Bass Marimba

4 octave Bergerault MB4 Bass Marimba C2-C6, graduating from 3 7/16" to 3" to 2 5/8" to 2 1/4" to 2" to 1 3/4". Original lacquer cleaned (will tune to suit). Original parts of frame and resonators all fully cleaned with a refresh of paint on bass box resonators in 2016. Bass boxed resonators are made of wood and are not attached to the upper octaves; upper octaves are aluminum. Legs of frame are completely foldable. Frame itself is made of wood with a solid matte black formica type material. Rare find. Beautiful sound. Studio kept.

Location :  CA, USA
Condition :  Excellent?
Excellent: Minor cosmetic blemishes, in top functional condition

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Price :
16% off

$ 8,000.00$ 6,700.00
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