No. 5614
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Leedy No. 5614

A 4 octave C-C Leedy Marimba No. 5614 "Solorimba", from the 1930's, aged Honduran Rosewood bars 2 1/8" - 1 1/2" x 3/4", full suspension mounting, made with fewer parts than earlier models for quick set-up/tear-down, original two-tone finish Grecian/gold black lacquer arched metal resonators, frame/resonators fold for transport ease, wheel base frame. Resonators can be raised or lowered for temperature compensation. Great sounding instrument.

Location :  IL, USA
Condition :  Reconditioned?
Reconditioned: Reconditioned cosmetics, in top functional condition

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Price :
$ 3,400.00
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