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4 Guthrie Chains

Set of 4 PCT Guthrie Chain Timpani (32", 29", 26", 26"). Includes a 32” from 2009, a 29” from 2013 with extended collar and eight tension rods, a 26” from 2009 with eight tension rods, and a 26” from 2013 with extended collar and six tension rods. Drums have been stored under air and well kept. Drums have Sonnberg goat-skins, flesh hoops, each drum has two tuning handles. (Each pair has an extra fine tuning handle). Includes head covers, quad-pods and trunks for storage/transport. *32" has small ding. Drums can be separated and offered with plastic heads at discounted price as well.

Location :  Germany
Condition :  Excellent?
Excellent: Minor cosmetic blemishes, in top functional condition

A checkmark indicates an individual’s instrument is being sold through MalletShop. If you would like to list your instrument on consignment, contact us at info@malletshop.com.

Price :

$ 16,000.00
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