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A pair of hand crafted late 1700 "Baroque" style Klassischewienerpauken™; hand screw timpani built by timpanist Peter Kogan. This sale price is specifically for KLASSISCHEWIENERPAUKEN tm set #1, Peter Kogan's personal pair that was heard with the Minnesota Orchestra and the St Paul Chamber Orchestra on many concerts and was demonstrated at PASIC 2021. The drums are in excellent condition and the discount sale price includes an extra set of mounted goatskin heads.

The diameters are 26&7/8" and 24". Depths are 16" and 18". The hardware is primarily brass and bronze castings designed in 18th Century style by sculptor Brian Leo. The mounting system and goatskin heads are in the Viennese tradition. The stands and covers are also appropriately styled. The T-handles are removable for a more ancient look (and more challenging tuning) if desired. Includes covers and tripod stands. Ideal for music of the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Century, especially suitable for Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. These drums have been successfully used as well in the music of Bach and Handel. Klassischewienerpauken TM are guaranteed for five years against defects in parts and workmanship. The goatskin heads are guaranteed for one year but should last for many years with normal use. Each set is built to order, assembled by hand and etched with its own serial number. Includes road cases.

Location :  MN, USA
Condition :  Like New?
Like New: Like new condition

Price :

$ 6,500.00
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